The Use

ComHulp was meant to give physically impaired people, that cannot speak themselves, a way to have some basic communication. As long as they can read, have a computer or laptop with internet and can operate a mouse pointer they can use ComHulp to communicate with personnel at a care center or socially with family and/or friends.

ComHulp currently has a simple menu that gives access to 4 categories of 'sentences':

... I would like ... I Feel ... Say it ... Would You ...

Simply point and click to select the category, then a simple point to a word or 'sentence' to change the background color and visually raise that what you want to say. This makes basic communications, like a Yes or No, I would like a drink, I feel good, etc, possible for people that are otherwise limited in expressing themselves.

ComHulp was a product made by DNAI © 2009-2012, me, but is now kept running on personal account.