to ComHulp. It is a simple program/website that gives physically impaired people, that are unable to speak, a way to have some basic communication with friends, family and medical staff, as long as they can read and operate a pointer.

ComHulp has an online version, in Dutch and English, that is Free of Charge to anyone with a computer and an internet connection.

ComHulp is easy to use by anyone that can move a finger to operate a pointer device. With a simple point and click words or sentences are visually accentuated and bystanders can read what the user wants to say. Giving back 'a voice' to people that are otherwise limited in expressing themselves. ComHulp currently gives access to four categories of words/ sentences:

... I would like ... I feel ... Say it ... Would You ...

The things 'to say' in each category are currently based on a person with a maximum of limitations, whom is restricted to staying in bed.


Based upon analysis of user data, over the past years, this website and it's services may be removed from the internet entirely.
If you have been using the ComHulp service for your communication please send me an email.
I will be able to supply you with an offline version, so you can keep using it, even though the site has been taken offline.

ComHulp was a product made by DNAI © 2009-2012, me, but is now kept running on personal account.